Compare September 28, 2023

Hammarö is looking for a digital solution for the municipal service of the future

Hammarö wants to create a digital citizen portal that makes it easy to find the right thing among the municipality's information and services. Therefore, innovative companies are invited to create a solution that can best meet the needs of the individual citizen.

Compare September 22, 2023

Roblox gives the Hagfors railway museum a digital hub

The analog world in Hagfors railway museum has moved into one of the world's most popular gaming platforms. The initiative is part of an innovation initiative that explores new opportunities within Värmland's hospitality industry.

Compare September 20, 2023

Why should we work with gender equality?

Last Friday, the first event in a new seminar series on gender equality and skills provision, arranged by Attraktionskraft Värmland, was held. The theme for this occasion was "Why should we work with equality?".

Compare July 26, 2023

Meet our co-worker, Lina Svensberg

It's time to introduce another amazing human of Compare – Lina Svensberg, Innovation Manager. Lina found her way to Compare after having worked in several different professional and geographical areas in her life.

Compare July 10, 2023

Meet our co-worker, Neshe Tuna

Meet Neshe Tuna, Funding and Partnership Manager at Compare. We asked Neshe some questions about her path to Compare and all the different aspects of her everyday work.

Compare July 3, 2023

Värmland companies more competitive after digital transition support

Ställ om!, the special investment in digital transformation for companies in Värmland during the pandemic mitigated the consequences of changed customer behavior as a result of the corona crisis.

Compare June 14, 2023

Compare is leading a three-year development project to strengthen cyber security

Compare will lead a three-year development project with the goal of strengthening business development in the cyber security area and at the same time increasing access to expertise and knowledge sharing.

Compare June 2, 2023

The board was re-elected at Compare's annual general meeting

On June 1, Stiftelsen Compare held its annual general meeting at Karlstad Innovation Park. The current board was re-elected and consists of a chairman, six members from companies interested in Compare and three co-opted members, where one seat is vacant.

Compare June 1, 2023

Data-driven startups represented Värmland at A-match

About 50 investors were attracted yesterday to the seventh edition of the investor forum A-match in Karlstad. There they met nine selected startups, with a strong niche towards sustainability and circularity.

Compare May 2, 2023

The DigitalWell Award celebrates digital health initiatives

This year's edition of the DigitalWell Award is underway, a national award that highlights people and organizations that contribute to the development of future digital health and welfare services.

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