Digital network to solve societal challenges

By joining the Compare network, you become part of an exciting cluster of companies, organizations and the public sector that together solve complex problems and societal challenges with the support of tech and digitization. Welcome to join the Compare network and participate in our innovation efforts!

Participate in innovation initiatives

Secure the digital competence of the future

Digital business development and innovation together

The Compare Network

In the Compare network, you have the opportunity to participate in innovation initiatives together with companies, the public sector and academia.

In the Compare network, you become part of an exciting network where everyone works for increased growth, innovation and competence in tech and digitization. Together we solve complex societal challenges!

Within the Compare network, you will find new business partners and customers. Together, we create opportunities for new business and collaborations in the digital field.

Your organization gets its own page on where customers, partners and future employees can find and see your unique skills and orientations. You who are part of the network can post recruitment ads and news on for free.

It costs SEK 1,000 per organization per year to be part of the digital network. You register your interest via the button above.

Compare is a tech innovation platform that independently and transparently welcomes all companies and organizations to participate and engage in the digital network.
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