Henrik Emilsson – testspecialist på LearningWell i Karlstad och för tillfället tjänstledig för uppdrag i Nordic MedTest – är en av fem föreläsare på CopenhagenContext som hålls 24 januari i Köpenhamn.

CopenhagenContext är ett forum och internationell konferens kring Context-Driven Testing med fem föreläsare – Michael Bolton (Kanada), Carsten Feilberg (Danmark), Louise Perold (Sydafrika), Huib Schoots (Nederländerna) och Henrik Emilsson (Sverige).

Henrik Emilsson kommer att föreläsa om ”Stories on test strategy communication” enligt följande beskrivning i programmet.

Abstract: In this session Henrik will tell you about his experiences with producing flawed Test Strategies; but most important, how he realized that they were flawed. By using Test Strategies as a means of communicating he discovered that strategies driven by the context and addressing expectations will be more useful and to the point. The secret lies in realizing that Test Strategies should be aimed towards stakeholders instead of the test team. In this session we will do hands-on exercises on how to think when developing Test Strategies.

Bio: Henrik Emilsson, LearningWell AB, is a context-driven tester with 14 years of experience in the field. Since 2007 he has been a consultant and during the last 4 years he has been a teacher in software testing on higher vocational study programmes in Sweden. When he isn’t testing or talking about it, he creates music and grows Honeysuckles.

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