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20-21 January 2021 as an interactive, virtual conference

The B2B Forum on SmartIndustry 2021 will highlight technological aspects as well as use-case-specific topics relevant in the various markets/industries.

Digital manufacturing and cyber-physical systems are considered key elements of the definition and implementation of Industry 4.0 (Smart Industri). Technological advancements in the ability to collect, transfer and analyze vast amounts of data very rapidly are at the core of this trend, fueled by the integration of Cloud Computing, versatile Communication Networks (5G, TimeSensitive Networks) and Machine Learning. The digitalisation of the manufacturing process is expected to enable efficient lot size and customer tailored production, while minimising environmental footprints and overall costs. However, there are several challenges involved both from technological point as well as from company organizational aspects before industries will be really smart.

The program for the technical conference focuses on Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Edge/Cloud Computing, 5G Networks and the role of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence including their use-cases for steel, pulp and paper and process industry.


  • Explore high-quality technical talks as well as Usecase-specific topics
  • Interact with speakers in Q&A and after live-streaming sessions
  • Connect directly with other attendees
  • Explore the latest innovations with immediate access to experts in live video sessions and get your questions answered
  • Schedule meetings, engage in chats
  • No travel expenses & no travel costs! Attend from the comfort of your home or office as if you were there

The conference is free of charge

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