Innovation is more important than ever before. Our society is on the cusp of significant challenges relating to sustainability, health, and economic growth. Digitalisation creates fantastic possibilities to facilitate a society in change, but the only thing we can be sure about is that no person or organisation can solve these challenges alone. For us, innovation means the sharing of ideas, instilling the courage to implement something new, and gathering the power to change the future for the better.

About this role

We need an Innovation Manager that wants to help innovative businesses develop new digital services. As our Innovation Manager, you’ll lead and develop the processes that turn innovation investments into value for people, companies, and organisations. You’ll work closely with businesses, understanding the needs involved, while collaborating with the public sector, R&D, and civil society in order to create the best conditions for service development. You’re convinced that digitalisation and innovation are the future, and you’re interested in technology and how it can create new opportunities.

You’ll be working with innovative companies, start-ups, and entrepreneurs. You’ll support them in their strategy and business development, ensuring that they’ll be ready for a future of technology and services.

About you

We’d like you to have experience from both innovation and entrepreneurship. With an entrepreneurial background, you’ll have plenty of learnings that you enjoy sharing with others. We want you to be well acquainted with the opportunities of digitalisation, and have a solid interest in helping and collaborating with other people. You’re an entrepreneur at heart, you like to try new things, and you’re not afraid of failure as you regard it as a chance to improve and become better. All of this demands an agile and hypothesis-driven way of working.

We work in a team without individual prestige, and believe that you’ll thrive in a vibrant tempo and an ever-changing environment. You should also appreciate flexibility in where and when you work.

We imagine that you have a relevant education for this position, as well as the experience that you’re convinced we need on our team. It goes without saying that you have a strong interest in digital technology, and creating the digital services of the future.

About us

We’re a cluster of around 100 businesses in the technology sector in Värmland. We act as a resource for both companies and organisations focused on economic growth, and we want to help them expand and become competitive with the help of digital technology. We work with innovation from both a national and international perspective, and we drive large innovation projects such as DigitalWell Arena and DigitalWell Ventures. This demands that we think beyond tomorrow, and drive digital development and innovation through collaboration.

About the process

In this recruitment process we’re collaborating with Testhuset. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Bengt Libäck at +46 (0)705 94 72 77 or Andrea Elfman at +46 (0)73 509 38 66.

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