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  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Industrial Internet of Things / Edge Computing
  • Dev-Ops / ML-Ops / AI-Ops / AI-IoT-Ops


  • Vi jobbar med automatisering av:
  • Datainsamling och transformering (Collation)
  • Träning av Machine learning modeller
  • Drift av storskaliga IIoT lösningar med tung edge computing


  • Greentech
  • Robotics
  • Finance
  • Defence


  • Metoder för mjukvarutveckling av komplexa microservice system oavsett språk.
  • DevOps med exv Ansible, Helm, Kubernetes och Docker.
  • Testautomation med Cucumber, TestComplete, Selenium mfl.
  • Spark, Flink och andra map reduce data science ramvärk.
  • AWS och GCE cloud plattformar.


  • Teknoir LLC https://teknoir.ai


  • Avangard Innovative – Sustayn Analytics https://www.avaicg.com/

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In the year 2019, a group of misfits banded together to reshape the future of industry by creating artificial intelligence for machines. The plan envisioned seamless inter-connectivity, easy application, and endless adaptability. We exist to enrich industries by democratizing AI so humans can make the machines that serve them intelligent. Our sole mission is ​to give artificial intelligence to machines by building an AI IoT platform with a developer studio for creating, deploying, and managing applications via a seamless user experience. Our vision is to be the premier Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things platform.

Teknoir - Startup

At Teknoir, we believe that artificial intelligence is so much more than just an overused buzz word or distant reality.Real A.I. can be effectively implemented today but is costly and requires data scientists and other highly coveted resources only available to the biggest companies.

We believe that the rewards of A.I. should be reaped by all.

Teknoir’s sole mission is to make artificial intelligence available to the masses. We intend to do this by creating an IIoT platform that consists of thoughtfully designed, micro edge industrial hardware that is significantly more affordable than current industry offerings. We’ll couple Teknoir’s hardware with brilliant, third-party applications created by the industries’ smartest engineers, developers, and scientists – to deliver everything from predictive maintenance, OT cyber security, and real time process control and optimization. Teknoir’s developer partnerships will be equipped with a toolkit designed to take the pain out of creating machine learning models and user interface guidelines to deliver an experience to rival the best designed consumer apps. App selection and deployment will be as simple as it is on modern day mobile phones through our app store. Follow Teknoir on our path to true disruption in the IIoT space. https://teknoir.ai

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