Through a number of activities, SNITS is a catalyst for the meeting between students and industry. A unique opportunity for the student to create good relations with business life in Värmland during the study period. It is also an opportunity for the companies in SNITS to find their future employees and recruit the best talents.

The collaboration group around the IT courses at Karlstad University consists of representatives from Askås, Altran, CGI, Elvenite, Evry, iBiz Solutions, Prevas, Sogeti, Stamford, Tieto and ÅF, Compare, the departments for informatics and computer science at Karlstad University and the student association LINDA.

Snits gives me as a student the opportunity to create a better idea of what I want to work with after my education. It is a unique opportunity to make hugely important contacts with companies in the IT industry already during your studies. Leo Jordansson, studying Computer Engineering at Karlstad University.

Activities for collaboration between students and industry


  • Annual SNITS dinner

The IT dinner with SNITS is the academic year's kick-off where students and employers meet in a relaxed manner.

  • SNITS lunches

The SNITS lunches give the students the opportunity to take part in the latest in the industry and immerse themselves further in the companies that are involved. The companies have the opportunity to demonstrate current industry trends that do not fit within the training.

  • Internship and degree job

During the degree job, students come into contact with other aspects of working life that are not dealt with during education – company culture, different communication methods (formal/informal) and what it is like to work in "real life". The employer, in turn, has the opportunity to help a student, through either a degree job or an internship.

  • Study visit

Through study visits to SNITS companies, the student gets a better insight into the companies' operations. The study visits are part of the education and are carried out in groups. The employer has the opportunity to showcase their business and create a relationship with the students.

  • Mentorship

Through the mentorship, the student has the opportunity to meet, consult and exchange ideas with someone who currently works at one of the SNITS companies. The employer has the opportunity to capture driven students and contribute to their future choice of employer.

  • After school

After school is an event where students and companies have the opportunity to meet in a relaxed environment after school and work to network and mingle. The aim is for the student to get an insight into how companies work, and to have the opportunity to make contacts before working life.

  • Employment

One of the goals of SNITS is, of course, that activities should lead to employment. The SNITS companies want the best students and the students want the best employers – a combination that benefits Karlstad's business life!

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