Digital advice in regional cooperation

Together with Sandbacka Science Park, Compare is now implementing the initiative Digital consulting in regional collaboration to strengthen the digital competence and development of small businesses in rural areas.

Digitization affects everyone, and the need for digital competence is constantly growing. We see that the desire to digitize their operations and working methods is progressively increasing among companies, and the desire for growth among companies in very sparse rural municipalities is particularly high.
But even if the will is there, several efforts are needed to create the necessary conditions for growth. More and more are paying attention to the need to use digitization to develop their business. On the other hand, the ability of individual companies to digitize operations and take sustainability aspects into account is something we see can be developed. Through the project, we want to reach and collaborate with companies in rural areas to support the use of digital technology in their own operations, as well as demonstrate the synergies between digitization and sustainable transition.

Strengthen the countryside via digital advice

Both Gävleborg and Värmland consist largely of countryside. By helping micro and small businesses develop, we contribute to the creation of long-term jobs in the countryside, and thus through increased employment and higher incomes to make the countryside a more attractive place to live. As businesses mature and grow, they create new job opportunities, which benefit communities and drive economic growth, thus enabling a vibrant environment for businesses and individuals to live and work in.

New and better adapted offers strengthen rural businesses and develop more effective methods for digital business development. One is the digital platform Pray digital. The project's goal is to scale up and build a platform that is based on the Be Digital concept and is adapted to the needs of micro and small businesses in rural areas.

Compare and Sandbacka Science Park want to build a successful and sustainable concept in a joint platform that can support micro and small businesses in their digital and green transition. Our goal is to create a platform that gathers knowledge, methods, models and tools and makes them available with concrete services, delivered by various players in business, academia and the public sector to companies. In doing so, we want to create as much added value for the companies as possible and strengthen micro and small businesses' ability to adapt and recover through digital and sustainable business and company development.


Bild på projektledare och coacher i projektet.

Project group: Peter Gunnebro, Compare, Sara Edin, Sandbacka Science Park, Ingrid Ivars, Compare, Lejla Basic, Sandbacka Science Park

Target group

The primary target group is micro and small businesses in the rural areas of Värmland and Gävleborg. Sandbacka Science Park and Compare will join forces to develop, based on developed methods and models, a joint platform for their advisory services that are specifically designed to be available to all counties regardless of geographic residence.

The project is a collaborative project between Compare and Sandbacka Science Park and is co-financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

Collaborative partners

Anders Solberg

Innovation Manager

+46 (0)73 529 14 62
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