Digital advice in public cooperation

Now we are creating better conditions for competitiveness and sustainability for micro and small businesses in rural areas through digital business development and knowledge building.

Changing digitally and daring to develop is one of the most important keys for smaller companies in rural areas to thrive. Compare and Region Värmland want, through the project Digital advice in public collaboration, to support both the entrepreneurs and advisors in the public sector, to strengthen the region's rural areas and increase digital competence.

The project's goal is to build a successful and sustainable concept based on the digital platform Pray digital and is adjusted to the needs of the public sector, and thereby contribute to a build-up of knowledge through training initiatives aimed at employees in the public sector. A level of knowledge within the public sector regarding the possibilities of digitization will strengthen the region's rural businesses and at the same time develop more effective methods for digital business development. Be digital has been developed from a consultant's perspective, which makes it possible to spread the learning to the region's rural municipalities.


Two main target groups have been identified:

  • Employees in the public sector, specifically business developers, who will be trained and coached using the Be Digital platform as a tool. The advisers must support and help the entrepreneur to progress in his digital development journey. After the project, they should also have increased their knowledge for safer business meetings and digital advice.
  • Micro and small businesses in the Värmland countryside which will receive support from the above-mentioned business developers. The entrepreneur should, as a natural part of everyday life, be able to feel more confident and competent in using digital tools to find new ways of working and methods to run and develop their business. Thereby, they have room to become more innovative and competitive, as well as get new tools to become part of the digital transition. After the end of the project, a toolbox will have been created to guide the companies to discover and open up to self-learning.


The project is a collaborative project between Compare and Region Värmland and is co-financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

Collaborative partners

Ingrid Ivars

Digital Transformation Manager

+46 (0)76 836 68 68
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