The digital movement

During 2021 and 2022, we carried out the ESF-funded project The digital migration to digitize the whole of Värmland. One digital step at a time for companies in Värmland that want to increase their employees' digital skills.

The need for competence in digital technology and digitization is increasing sharply in all parts of society, Värmland is no exception. More and more jobs and industries require a basic ability to handle digital tools, while the demand for skills needed to carry out more manual and repetitive work tasks is decreasing.

Digitization affects everyone

Like it or not, digitization is here to stay. Society is changing and in order not to be left out, individuals and companies must follow along. We must counteract digital exclusion in professional life.

Digitization of more, benefits more

With a more widespread digitization, we create a better breeding ground for a broad, increased digital competence. It benefits the individual, the companies and ultimately the whole society in reduced costs and reduced exclusion. We believe that greater width in the long run gives the possibility of a more pointed height. The more people who can, the more people there will be who can develop their skills in digital. Which is necessary if Värmland is to be at the forefront as an attractive digital region.

Therefore conducted Compare "The digital movement" for small and medium-sized companies in Värmland. Education in digital is offered during 2021 – 2022.

Collaborative partners

Josephine Schapiro

Project Manager

+46 (0)73 026 24 01

Sandra Dalåsen

Events Coordinator

+46 (0)73-025 71 29
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