Therefore, it really feels great that Anette Rudin's persistent work with Navigator Scaleup (formerly Tillväxtmotor) is finally bearing fruit again! We have had the privilege of being able to closely follow Anette's work and activities during the past six months to get the successful project up and running again.


Navigator Scaleup, under the name Tillväxtmotor, was named the best project in Europe 2017 at the European Enterprise Promotion Award. The advertising film that was created before the competition has been shown country and kingdom around many, many 1,000s of times throughout Europe. That alone means fantastic advertising for Värmland, which had cost many millions of kroner to advertise to!!

Before the Europa prize, it had also been named Sweden's best growth project by the Norwegian Agency for Growth. So probably it is a proven very successful project which is now again aimed at SME companies.

Slow to move on

Despite the fantastic awards, it has been slow to progress with Tillväxtmotor. But thanks to Anette Rudin's contacts (recently also on a national level) and diligent work, Tillväxtmotor is now being resurrected in the form of Navigator Scaleup. Thus, additional SME companies can increase their opportunities to grow.

Now the goals are being raised

From having been an entirely Värmland project, they are now raising the bar and investing in the whole of Sweden. To then also take Navigator Scaleup further into Europe.

This since several national companies and organizations have now had the concept presented to them - and firing on all cylinders. Great fun and still very good for us in the region. Because however it is, the adventure started here in Värmland.

More to be celebrated?

Anette is the great force behind the project. Then of course we are a very small group that has been part of Tillväxtmotor and contributed as best we could. Anette herself is usually always so good at highlighting all the rest of us 🙂 So today we skip those of us who sat in various companies' Growth Engines and focus on Anette:

Thank you Anette (Rudin) for an early Christmas present and your fantastic work for business here in Värmland! And a very big best of luck with the newly packaged Navigator Scaleup!!

Stefan Ahlmark


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