Since the turn of the year exists Knowledge support for caregivers, a site with well-thought-out navigation and an original design with that little something extra.

The website is aimed at healthcare professionals in the Stockholm region and will help them in meeting patients. Here are the collective treatment guidelines that the healthcare staff must work according to and which must contribute to good and equal care and the best possible knowledge in the meeting with the patients.

- Now we have a website that is organic and will be filled continuously with new information. It is structured, simple and looks nice. We also think it differs from the more traditional medical website, says Carina Ekner, editor at the Knowledge Management and Support unit, Region Stockholm.

Visualization to find the right information

The biggest challenge was managing and structuring the large amount of information. The new site now has 27 entrances to different medical information areas and each area covers a different amount of information in turn. To make it easy and intuitive for visitors to quickly find the right area, our designer created an illustration for each area.

Illustrations for different care areas

- In addition to the illustrations clearly showing which area of care it is about, they also need to make the website more human and warm. Since the website is information heavy with clinical medical content, we tried to balance it with a more soft and organic design language. The result was a website that really stands out, says Marko Tosic, designer.

In the work to produce which illustration was suitable for each area, some discussions and brainstorming between Marko and Carina were required.

Illustration för Levnadsvanor

Healthcare lifestyle icon

- We discussed, for example, how best to visualize the area called Lifestyle. I had an idea for a hamburger that would show bad eating habits. Carina was more into something about a bicycle, because lifestyle habits are not only about what you put into yourself, but also about being active and living healthily. It became a cyclist, but with a slightly rounder belly than it originally had. Such details are important and we had good discussions about each illustration before we were completely satisfied, says Marko.

Visual elements to lighten up the complicated content

Despite the site's heavy content, the visual expression has succeeded in de-dramatizing and making the visitor smile a little. One of the more important illustrations is the three people in the top image on the home page. Since the website's target group is all professions within the healthcare professions, the word diversity made its mark on the illustration.

Humor can also make a website more human and warm. That's what Marko and Carina thought when they produced illustrations for the 404 page and a page showing that the content is under construction.

- With stylish, well-balanced typography, our very own icons and illustrations and the twinkle in the eye, our hope is that the healthcare staff will benefit greatly from and feel really good inside the site, says Carina.
- I want to give praise to Carina and her colleagues for excellent collaboration and for daring to pursue the idea with the illustrations. It could have been a typical, boring website with lots of information and nothing more. But they saw the value of the investment with the illustrations and it turned out to be a great website, says Marko.

The navigation was a clever challenge, also technically

Building a design-wise attractive site and at the same time including all text content and creating a clear structure was also technically a tricky challenge.

- It was a challenge to build a navigation for such a large information structure with different areas. Initially, it was clever to have an overview and we had to adapt and explore along the way, says Fredrik Stodne, project manager and Sitevision manager at Soleil.

- Technically, we have created good solutions for both navigation and menu management. Their own icons really stand out and there we have also created good solutions with simple navigation. Both they and we are a little extra proud of that, says Fredrik.

Necessary digitization

The need for knowledge support with digitized material gathered in one place has been long-awaited among healthcare professionals.

- The new website is accessible and mobile friendly. There is also an available information search that is adapted based on subject area, says Karin Eklöf Lignell, editor and colleague with Carina at the same unit.

The site has also been prepared to automatically receive and share information at national, regional and local levels.

Looking forward to further development

The collaboration has worked really well and there is still a lot to work on, the search function for example. But the basic needs are in place and now after the launch they will continue to work on tagging content.

- We have had a good collaboration with Soleil. They have been accommodating, quick and understood what we mean by all questions, say Carina and Karin.

- As a supplier of websites, we are extra proud to be able to launch a website that is not only graphically attractive, but also built with the target group's needs and the site's important purposes in focus, concludes Fredrik.


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