"We wanted to have correct and safe support, which means that we can ultimately be even better at meeting our customers. Nothing should fall between the chairs, says Tobias Strandberg", marketing manager at KD Solskydd.

Clear picture of what they wanted to achieve

KD Solskydd had a clear picture of what they needed to achieve and a basic idea of what they wanted to improve and simplify their way of working. They explained to us at Soleil where the opportunities for improvement were in contacts with customers and with that knowledge we kicked off the project.

"We started with a few workshops to find out how everything works and then went through the entire chain and determined the desired location. We started at the very right end and worked our way up to what the solution should look like," says Jennie Thorén Johnson, project manager at Soleil.

"Microsoft 365 has standard solutions that matched well with what KD Solskydd wanted to achieve and both we and they wanted to avoid specially developed solutions. Kristoffer Ahlqvist with us at Soleil adapted lists in SharePoint and created flows in Power Automate in combination with forms in Power Apps based on the requirements and wishes we agreed on. Which turned out to be a very good solution," continues Jennie.

Customers from north to south and a need for accurate and secure support

KD Solskydd has dealers all over Sweden who contact you with various questions. It could, for example, be about whether a product can be manufactured in a certain design. Customer service may not be able to give an answer right away, but they need to investigate internally how to solve it first.” In the PowerApps application, they create a case on the issue, who is responsible and with a deadline on how quickly they should get back to the customer. Lists are stored there that assign who should receive cases, information about customers, links to quotations, deadlines and so on. The forms work at least as well to fill in via mobile as via tablet," says Jennie.

With fifty full-time workers and around thirty seasonal workers, good routines are needed to get safer support.

"Each person gets a summary every morning of their errands," says Tobias and continues; This has meant a lot to our customer service. We now have much more quality-assured support as nothing falls through the cracks, which makes both employees and customers more satisfied".

Fun collaboration and more development opportunities

Going forward, KD Solskydd wants to build on SharePoint and MS365. There are several opportunities for improvement around, for example, quotation management and advantages of, for example, automated email flows.

"Kristoffer, Jennie and the gang at Soleil have been responsive, tested and screwed back and forth. We have put this together and when we have come across problems that need to be solved, Soleil has guided us to a correct solution", says Tobias.

Jennie thinks it's been a fun assignment and it's extra fun when the customer, with Tobias at the helm, is so interested and knowledgeable.

"We didn't have a clear requirement specification when we started, but for me as a project manager, they are among the most enjoyable assignments, when we plan the entire process together. With their and our skills together, we have really created customer value and improved the lives of the employees, it's really fun", concludes Jennie Thorén Johnson, Soleil.

Read more at soleil.se.

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