• The project will lay the foundation for operations in cyber security, which will strengthen Värmland's and the country's capacity for renewal and innovation. In addition, arenas will be created for skills sharing between academia and business, to promote growth and development within the industry," says Ingrid Ivars, project manager at Compare.

The initiative is carried out in collaboration with several prominent actors in Sweden and Norway, such as Digital Innlandet, The Norwegian Cluster for Cyber Security, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Innlandet University College, Karlstad Municipality and Karlstad University and others.

  • Our research group for data security and personal integrity at Karlstad University has already collaborated with leading cyber security researchers at NTNU in joint research projects in cyber security. In recent years, cyber security has become increasingly important for Sweden and Norway. We very much look forward to expanding this collaboration with Compare and important stakeholders in Värmland and Innlandet to promote our region as an area of innovation and excellence in cyber security, says Simone Fischer-Hübner, professor of computer science at Karlstad University.
  • Complex societal challenges often require collaboration between different sectors to find sustainable solutions. A common problem is the lack of cooperation and communication between sectors and across national borders, which hinders the development of effective and innovative solutions. We want to solve that through new attractive arenas for collaboration that create new business opportunities," says Ingrid Ivars, project manager at Compare.

The project starts in June 2023 and the long-term objective is to contribute to increased awareness of the importance of digital security among companies and organizations and to promote new startups and spinoffs. By promoting innovation and collaboration, the project will play an important role in ensuring a safer digital future for companies and organizations in Sweden and Norway.

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