"Expedition Värmland IT" is organized by Ny i Värmland and this year's edition is the third in a row. 14 companies from the Värmland tech sector are participating, this year there are also both industrial and product companies represented among the employers. Last year, 25 candidates were selected for the event's digital matchmaking meetings, approximately the same number will participate this year.

- We have found that this format is large enough to give the companies a qualitative range of candidates, says Emma Balderud, who runs Ny in Värmland together with Kristina Lindrooos.

Five recruitments after the last event

The idea of the event is to give companies the opportunity to find qualified candidates who are interested in a lifestyle change, a move to Värmland and the regional tech sector. Since the beginning, Compare has been a collaboration partner to stimulate the influx of new skills. Last year's expedition resulted in five regular recruitments. In addition, a further four candidates were offered employment, but where for various reasons they did not get all the way through.

- Of course, every recruitment has a value in itself, but for Compare, the opportunity the event provides to show that Värmland has an attractive and viable tech sector is at least as important, says Mikael Holmgren, responsible for skills issues at Compare.

Kristina Lindroos and Emma Balderud are ready for the third edition of "Expedition Värmland IT". The event will also be digital this year, as it has opened up for more candidates to meet the Värmland employers.


In addition to meetings with potential employers, the digital event has a studio with guests who draw a broader picture of what it is like to work and live in Värmland. For example, via stories from other immigrants and representatives from Karlstad municipality.

Looking beyond both county and national borders

New for this year is a simplified application procedure, to get an even larger selection of candidates. In order to add to the supply, Ny i Värmland also wants to increase the inflow of competence from other countries. A first test will already be done this spring, where three or four international participants will be invited.

- I recently saw a survey that there is a deficit of 70,000 developers in Sweden, so I don't think it's enough to headhunt from each other or recruit from Stockholm and Gothenburg. We have to look at a larger market, says Emma Balderud.

The motivations for international candidates to consider a move to Värmland are not that different from those of Swedish candidates, says Emma Balderud:

- They also talk a lot about "work life balance". They often have the same problem with long commuting times as in Swedish big cities, if both parents in a family have a career, it is difficult to get them together. Air quality is also an important issue, as are good schools and the social security system. The salary is not the most driving factor.

Service that reduces practical barriers

Ny i Värmland has for several years also built up experience and competence via its second service: mover service. Among other things, the company has a framework agreement with Region Värmland and Karlstad University to solve the practical issues a move to Sweden entails, as well as a certified partnership with the Swedish Migration Agency.

- We want to make it easy for the employer and the candidates by helping on the spot. Both with accommodation and everything administrative, so that you get a good start and a smooth way in. I think we helped arrange 14 leases just from August until Christmas, so most landlords know Ny i Värmland well, says Emma Balderud and laughs.

  • The companies participating in this year's "Expedition Värmland IT":
    BillerudKorsnäs, Learning Well, Nordic Medtest, Shortlink, Nexer Group, Sogeti, Prevas, NWT, Soleil, Atea, Tickster, SEM, SBAB and PSI Group.
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