We are now digitizing Värmland. Learn with a digital coach.

During 2021-2022, we offer free training for companies in Värmland that want to increase their employees' digital skills - regardless of prior knowledge. Registration is closed.

Increase your digital competence

Learn new digital skills together with digital coaches or tutors. Choose your subject, take part in course material and get support and inspiration from experts and a network of like-minded people. Together, we enhance our digital competence.

The program is suitable for both beginners and those with prior knowledge. The program is part-time and remote with a flexible schedule that you can plan yourself and combine with work.

Registration is closed.

Choose your track


For beginners and those with some experience

Digital marketing and sales 



More advanced tracks

Machine Learning and AI

UX and digital design




For leaders

Innovation management

Who can attend the program?

The program is free of charge for employees of small and medium-sized companies in Värmland County (one education/person). See criteria for participation at the bottom of this page.

For participants who do not meet the criteria in the project, there is an option to purchase the training courses, read more at the bottom of this page.


About the project

The program is part of an EU-funded project to increase the digital competence and competitiveness of companies in Värmland. During the project, we developed the training initiative The digital movement which in collaboration with technology, The Yes Way and Karlstad University's Uppdrags AB will carry out the courses.


Equality, diversity and inclusion

Ongoing during the Digital Shift, you as a participant also get the opportunity to develop your knowledge and awareness, by delving deep into areas such as equality, diversity and inclusion, in various themes and areas that you have the opportunity to apply further practically in your work and organization. Equality, diversity and inclusion are crucial for companies' long-term success and if the argument is reversed, a lack of equality, diversity and inclusion can negatively affect a company's ability to innovate and develop new products and services. There are several examples of failures that could have been avoided if different individuals and perspectives had been involved in the process, such as voice recognition software not recognizing certain voice types or artificial intelligence used for recruitment but discriminating against candidates.


About Technigo

Since 2016, Technigo has worked with education in digitization and IT. Technigo runs training courses for career changers with the aim of reducing the skills shortage in IT. Technigo is hired by companies with the goal of increasing the skills of IT employees so that more people can contribute to innovation and digital projects. Among the customers are IKEA, Nordea, Bonnier News, Claremont, Schibsted, Future Position X, Biblioteksutveckling i Sörmland and others. read more here 


About The Yes Way

The Yes Way is an initiative that works with and drives development in equality, inclusion and diversity in innovation, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship together with organizations and individuals who want to improve and develop. The Yes Way works, among other things, with change work and education and develops tailored programs and methods. read more here 


About Karlstad University's Uppdrags AB

Karlstads universitets Uppdrags AB is the university's wholly owned subsidiary that mediates, markets, sells and administers all commissioned education. The business also includes the rental and use of equipment and lab environments. Assignment training is skills development for professionals. read more here 


See all training courses here 


Participant information

The training is within the framework of the project The Digital Movement which is financed by the European Social Fund (ESF). Participants must meet the EU project's criteria in order to take part in the offer. The criteria that need to be met are: 
  • - Limited company or association with its own corporate number. Unfortunately, individual companies or the public sector cannot take part in the offer this time. 
  • - Registered in Värmland County 
  • - 0–249 employees 
  • - Annual turnover lower than € 50 million or total assets below € 43 million 
  • - No debts or remarks 
  • - Not applied for or declared bankrupt 
  • - The sum of received support of minor importance (de minimis) does not exceed 200,000 euros over a three-year period. 
If you have any questions about the criteria, you are most welcome to contact us.  Project manager: Josephine Schapiro 073-026 24 01 josephine.schapiro@compare.se  

The Digital Movement is financed by the European Social Fund, ESF, and each participant must therefore meet the project's criteria. If you do not meet the criteria but still want to attend the training, Compare can offer you a place for compensation. This offer also applies to larger companies that want to send several employees. Contact Josephine Schapiro for a quote.  Project manager: Josephine Schapiro 073-026 24 01 josephine.schapiro@compare.se  

Below are contact details to use if you have questions or concerns.
  • - Sandra Dalåsen helps you with questions about the project, e.g. company criteria and time reporting.
  • - Marie Alesund are on hand for questions about the training courses Innovation management, Digital marketing & sales, Digital working methods & innovation, UX design and Machine learning & AI, e.g. content and layout.
  • - Johan Eklund helps you with questions about the training courses Internet of Things and Data Security, e.g. content and layout.

Sandra Dalåsen

Events Coordinator

+46 (0)73-025 71 29

Marie Alesund

Program Manager


Johan Eklund

University lecturer, program manager, director of studies


ESF project

This initiative is financed by the European Social Fund.

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