That's why we work in digital in Värmland!

Värmland has a strong digital culture and the breadth of competence is great. There are close to 3,000 people working in this growing area. Here, large consulting companies come together with smaller development companies. The collaboration between Karlstad University, with its leading research in data security, students and innovative companies is great. Below you will see what the people themselves in the industry are saying.

"Driven companies and world-class competence"

"Working in Värmland provides proximity to everything, both to the big cities and business meetings, while at the same time you can enjoy quick journeys to and from work and to have more quality leisure time. But Värmland is much more than forest and nature – here you can find companies and world-class competence." Linda Jonsson, co-owner Advant.

"Real customer benefit together"

"The fact that we established Qbim in Värmland is due to the fact that we have customers in all directions around Karlstad. At the same time, we reach two capitals relatively cost-effectively and easily, where many of our customers and partners are located. In a smaller city like Karlstad, and at the Karlstad Business Center , specifically it will be much easier to work together with other partners to strengthen their own capabilities and deliver real customer benefit together. We see the initiatives at the Värmland Chamber of Commerce, Almi, and the clusters Compare and Paper Province as great arenas where consultants and entrepreneurs can meet and talk innovations and opportunities. Curiosity is great among the entrepreneurs in Värmland and we have done an incredibly exciting project locally that has received the attention of our partners Alteryx and Microsoft." Sr. Business Intelligence Architect Mikael Hyvensjö, Qbim

"An exciting business life"

"Many talented and creative individuals are attracted to Värmland! It's like a mini-Sweden with mountains in the north, sea in the south and the central town of Karlstad with a university, exciting business life with both global groups, public authorities and smaller companies. There is a fair amount of congestion, good communications to surrounding metropolitan areas (Stockholm, Oslo, Gothenburg) and the world at large. That's why ÅF is also here! Camilla Carlander, section manager IT-solutions.

"Conditions for long-term competence supply in the region"

"At CGI, the most important thing is to help our customers succeed and in our model it is important to be close to our customers because we believe this strongly contributes to increased commitment and responsibility, so the local presence here in Värmland is in many ways a important part of our business. There is also a large base of both new and traditional business with great knowledge in important areas, such as the steel, paper and wood industry. In addition, through Karlstad University, we have very good conditions for long-term competence supply in the region - which is an important factor in being able to continue to deliver high quality at the right price to our customers" Thomas Rosvall CGI

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