Tjejer Kodar annually attracts hundreds of women to its popular courses and educations in programming. With their newly started school and full-time training in programming with 80% female participants, they have once again proven that the interest in programming among women is great - everything else is wrong.


They have succeeded in what many of us who want to see more variety in the industry fail to do. Hanna shares her best tips for attracting a wider target group the next time you recruit. Try the tips below and see if you get a different result!

Tips for your next recruitment


Change packaging

  • Don't talk about technology as something difficult, but as something creative and fun.
  • Highlight the products or services you develop and the people you reach, rather than the technology behind them.

Change channels

  • Find out as much as possible about the people you want to reach, and make sure to be on the channels they are on. It could be on Instagram or LinkedIn, for example.

Raise role models

  • Highlight your female programmers in your communication.
  • There is a much greater chance of daring to take the step if there is a recognition in oneself.

Focus on the offer

  • Don't focus on what the person in question will bring to you as a company
    Avoid lists of requirements
  • See yourself as a salesperson when you work with recruitment and instead focus on what you as a company can offer a potential employee.

It can e.g. be:

  • Benefits
  • Working environment
  • Values
  • The leadership
  • Good development opportunities


Good luck with your next recruitment!

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