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Soleil helps clients create better digital relationships with websites, intranets and collaboration tools. We always work with the best and smartest digital tools, because it brings more benefit to users and business. Our experience and know-how make the collaboration better and more efficient for you as a customer, from idea, strategy, development, establishment and refinement to advice and evaluation.

The future is digital. It means new and fantastic opportunities to do a better and more efficient job and to build new and stronger relationships. However, we know that the digital only becomes empty technology if you don't have people and users with you. Therefore, we place as much importance on the digital tools as on the human relationships, both internally and externally. We are convinced that better digital relationships provide well-being and security for everyone.

Platinum partner of SiteVision

Because vi helps our customers create better digital relationships with websites, intranets and collaboration tools, works we always with the best and smartest digital tools. Therefore we work with SiteVision.

In the fall of 2019, we were appointed to Platinum partner by SiteVision. Getting the highest level of partnership is great fun! But it also means that we have great knowledge, all the necessary certificates and really satisfied customers.

Our developers are certified SiteVision developers

All our developers working on customer projects are certified by SiteVision according to Certified SiteVision Website Developers (CSWD).

The certification shows that the developer has demonstrated deep knowledge in planning and developing responsive and accessible templates, modules and functions and in installing, publishing and operating/managing websites with SiteVision as a basis.

All our developers who work in customer projects are also certified by SiteVision according to the Certified SiteVision Solution Developer (CSSD).

The certification shows that the developer has deep competence in programming to make adaptations in modules and to develop completely new functionality in SiteVision's modules. In addition, the developer has knowledge of the entire development chain, from structure and coding to signing and deployment in a production environment.

We have several developers with special expertise in SiteVision Search. That our customers get the results they want from the search function is extremely important, both for them and for us. So you can get help from our search specialists on everything from (own) search indexes, Solr settings, sorting and other advanced settings.

All our consultants have undergone training in WCAG 2.0, level AA.

Some of Sweden's best intranets and websites

Working with us at Soleil is characterized by knowledge, progress and consideration. This has meant that we are today proven to be the best at some of the most important digital tools. This year, for example, we were behind five of the websites and intranets that went to the finals in SiteVision's Guldhanden competition, two of which also won. Some of Sweden's best intranets

Winners and finalists in SiteVision's prize Guldhanden

  • TL Bygg – winner Best Intranet 2019
  • Migration Agency - finalist Best Intranet 2019
  • Falu Municipality - finalist Best Intranet 2019
  • Collectum – winner Best Intranet 2018
  • The Swedish Pensions Agency - winner Best intranet 2016
  • Fortificationsverket - finalist Best intranet 2016
  • CSN - Central study support board - winner Best intranet 2015
  • Gothenburg city mission - finalist Best intranet 2015
  • Lidingö city - winner Best intranet 2014

Digital Workplace Awards 2019

Collectum also won the Digital Workplace Awards 2019.

Some of Sweden's best websites

Winners and finalists in SiteVision's prize Guldhanden

Sweden's best sites and online services - IDG's top 100 list

Publishing prize 2019

Södertörn University won the award for best website in the information sites category. Read more about Södertörn's win on the Publishing prize's website.

Technical competence

Java, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, Less, .Net, Angular, jQuery, Sitevision, Sharepoint, Webservices, Portlets, Mule, Scrum and Git.

Visiting and mailing address

Sommargatan 101A
656 37 Karlstad

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