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Since 1997, Askås has developed what is today one of the market's absolute most well-regarded platforms for e-commerce. By combining strategy, knowledge and design with a world-class system, we offer a total solution with excellent conditions for conversion and long-term success.

We currently have 60 employees with experience and competence in-house. Experienced backend developers, creative frontend developers, driven project managers, knowledgeable support technicians and confident e-commerce advisors. All of our staff work from our offices in Värmland - midway between Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo.

Feel free to contact us for a fruitful conversation about your particular e-commerce case!

Askås 11 – a platform to take off from

Askås 11 is the latest version of Askås' e-commerce platform. Developed and designed with e-tailers and end consumers in equal sharp focus. Functionality, ease of use, stability, width and depth.

Askås is used by several of Sweden's leading e-tailers such as CAIA Cosmetics, Teknikprofset, Care of Carl and Proteinbolaget. At the same time, in its basic version, it is sufficiently powerful and versatile to suit start-up e-commerce companies. With Askå's e-commerce platform, you can realize the goals of your e-commerce venture, regardless of scope or industry.

System development - Back-end • Product development • Tailor-made applications/adaptations • Integrations • Test and management Graphic design - Front-end • Development of graphic concepts for e-commerce • Technical implementation of web interfaces • Front-end development • Conversion optimization Business development • Business analyzes within e -handel • Lectures and training in e-commerce Integrations - Partners With our platform for e-commerce, we offer full integration with a variety of connections that meet all our customers' needs. Should any requested connection be missing, we are quick and skilled at developing such an integration.

Desenio, Proteinbolaget, Max Gaming, Bangerhead, Caia, SoffaDirekt, Care of Carl, Nordiska Galleriet, BRL, Sportfiskeprylar, Hudoteket and many others.

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