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One of the most important issues for our committed companies and organizations is the need for competence supply and the difficulty of getting access to the right competence at the right time. Without access to competence, companies' growth risks being reduced in an industry that is only getting bigger. Here you can read about our prioritized areas within the competence issue, which are based on the needs of the member companies in Compare. 

Digital Revolt – skills report 2019

In the spring of 2019, we asked the member companies in Compare how they want to face the future. By mapping the companies' needs, and what they need for support, we help together to develop Värmland into an attractive, digital region. It is based on the Digital Revolt survey that we shape projects and initiatives, collaborate with other organizations and training providers, and shape our own training courses to meet the needs of companies. Below we present some of the prioritized areas within the work on competence provision.

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Broaden the recruitment base 

In order for Värmland to become an even more attractive digital region, and for companies to succeed in the supply of skills, we need to broaden the recruitment base. By attracting a wider target group, we can strengthen the supply of skills. Therefore, companies need to review how they work with, for example, gender issues, and we need to find out together what can make a wider target group choose to work and develop in the digital field. We cooperate with Region Värmland, other Värmland clusters and companies to broaden the recruitment base and create greater attractiveness.
Right now we are looking at a continuation and development of the project Genius in ICT where we focused on gender equality in the digital sector in Värmland. Through the network TechniQual companies and organizations collaborate for a more equal technology industry in Värmland, an important work in which Compare participates.


Attractive digital region 

In order to cover the need for competence within Värmland's digital sector, we also need to attract top competence from outside. Several efforts are being made to make Värmland an even more attractive digital region so that more people want to live, live and work here. Some initiatives that we participate in are Värmland Next organized by the Värmland Chamber of Commerce, where we made visible exciting ventures in our region and all the career opportunities available at the companies in Compare, on site in Stockholm and Gothenburg. We cooperate with New in Värmland where we, among other things, offered the companies in Compare a unique opportunity to meet and recruit IT talent from outside.


Competence development 

In order to secure excellence and make it attractive for more people to switch to a future in the digital world, we collaborate with both private and public education providers. The aim is that the offer of education should be relevant and attractive based on the industry's needs and challenges.

Digital competence development 


Awaken the interest in technology among young people

An important part of the work with skills provision is to get more young people to open their eyes to the opportunities that exist and to increase the attractiveness of the industry in Värmland, so that more people choose to work and develop in the digital field here. Some of the efforts we carry out and participate in are Collaborative project with the municipality of Karlstad, where junior high and high school students have programming during class time and exchange experiences with each other, Code Center where middle school students get to try programming in their spare time. We participate in The trade fair in Karlstad to showcase the digital sector in Värmland to eighth graders. Every year we go out and visit the majority of schools in Värmland and talk about the industry and the opportunities that exist here. Compare is also represented in of the upper secondary engineering education program advice and i College of Technology Värmland's regional steering group.


Cooperation between business and IT students

Through a number of activities is CUT a catalyst for the meeting between students and industry. A unique opportunity for students to create good relations with business life in Värmland during their studies. It is also an opportunity for the companies in SNITS to find future employees and recruit the greatest talents.


Strategic competence supply

The competence wheel is our model for systematic, strategic competence provision. We want more people to be able to take part in our work with competence provision and have therefore produced a handbook for what we call the Competence Wheel. Feel free to use it and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or want to know more.

Handbook for strategic competence provision 



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Project Manager

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